Brass Band Performance for WWF-Malaysia for Earth Hour 2013

Air Brass Band Performance for Earth Hour 2013 on 23rd March 2013

We would like to express our gratitude towards WWF-Malaysia organizer for giving us a great opportunity to participate in their Earth Hour 2013 on 23rd March 2013. It is such a great and meaning event that helping to create awareness on environmental sustainability through Earth Hour.

Furthermore, Air Symphony would like to express her gratitude and thanks to every member who took part in this brass band performance for giving your time and supports to complete this brass band performance together. Thank you very much.

Air Brass Band Performance - Earth Hour 2013

Overview of Earth Hour on 23rd Mar 2013 at Sunway Pyramid
Earth Hour is a global environmental initiative in partnership with WWF. Air Brass Band was invited to participate in this event to turn out the lights for one hour on Saturday, 23rd Mar 2013 @ 8.30pm at Sunway Pyramid to show our support for environmentally sustainable action.

After the speeches by VIPs, the lights were switching off at 8.30pm with the drumroll. Follow by Air Brass Band performance played the songs ‘Rock & Roll’ and ‘This Love’ to warm up the crowd.

Air Brass Band Performance - Earth Hour 2013

At 9pm, Air Brass Band invited again by WWF-Malaysia to the stage to performance more songs to the crowd. When Air Brass Band played the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and ‘We Are The World’, all the audiences sang along. And we can’t believe our eyes, in our bones we feel the warmth that’s coming from inside.

Then Air Brass Band performed the next songs ‘King of Pop’, ‘Can’t Take My Eye Off You’ and ‘Gangnam Style’ to hit up the crowd. Some of them were so excited and dance with the song.
All the audiences were really enjoy the song that played by Air Brass Band.

The emcee was so excited and shouted “The music performed by Air Brass Band is the “real” man power without electrical instruments – mike and speaker. Bravo!!!”

Air Brass Band Performance - Earth Hour 2013

After Air Brass Band performed the last song at 9.30pm, drum roll by Air Brass Band and countdown to lights on and the Earth Hour ended.

Air Brass Band was so grateful to spread the green message through the universal language of music.
It is a very fantastic when people from all sorts of backgrounds unite to do something for a great cause, like Earth Hour 2013 spreading the word of going green and conservation. Air Brass Band hope to create excitement through music and inspire others to do more.

Air Brass Band Performance - Earth Hour 2013

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