Brass Band Performance for Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi Christmas Show 2012

Air Brass Band Performance for Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi Christmas Show on 24th & 25th Dec 2012

We would like to express our gratitude towards Berjaya organizer for giving is a great opportunity to participate in their Christmas Gala Dinner on 24th December 2012 and Christmas Celebration Performance on 25th December 2012. It was such a great event that really expanded our experience on brass band performance and flash mob performance during these 2 days performance at Bukit Tinggi. Air Brass Band had a wonderful one night stay at Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi on Christmas Eve 2012.

Further, Air Symphony would like to express her special gratitude and thanks to every member who took part in this brass band performance for giving your time and supports to complete this brass band performance together. Thank you very much.

Air Brass Band Christmas PerformanceAir Brass Band Christmas PerformanceAir Brass Band Christmas PerformanceAir Brass Band Christmas Performance

On 24th December 2012, we started Air Brass Band Performance sharp at 6.30pm to welcome all the guests. We had performance a lot of Christmas song, including Jingle Bell, Joy To The World, Christmas Swing, Sweet Caroline, The First Noel, Deck The Hall, Santa Claus Coming To The Town, White Christmas,
We Wish You Merry Christmas etc…

All the audiences were enjoying the Christmas song performed by Air Symphony Brass Band. The hall was filled with warm Christmas festival atmosphere.

Air Brass Band Christmas Performance

Flash mod performance on 25th December 2012
On 25th December 2012, Air Brass Band started with the flash mod performance at 11am. This flash mod performance was performed in the form of marching band with colorful casually dress, so that Air marching band members can mixed into the tourists group. Out of sudden, the flash mob started with Christmas song – Jingle Bell performed by trombone, then followed by french horns, clarinet, alto saxophone and flutes till the whole marching band was formed. The flash mob performance was really fun and it had given a surprise to the tourists at Bukit Tinggi.

Air Brass Band Christmas PerformanceAir Brass Band Christmas Performance

Air Brass Band next performance was at 1.30pm. The organizer invited us – the Air Brass Band on the stage to perform a numbers of joyful Christmas music to their tourist at the middle of Colmar Tropicale. The show was entertaining as the audience were shaking their body with the music played by Air Brass Band. With all the smiles and laughing from the audiences, Air Brass Band was really enjoying the performance as well.

Air Brass Band Christmas Performance

Finally, Air Brass Band had the last performance at 4pm. For this last show, the organizer request Air Brass Band to dress up in formal attire to entertaining their crowd. There was a huge crowd in the center of Colmar Tropicale. This was really the best timing to kick start the brass band performance. Without delaying the brass band performance, Air brass band started out all over again with the tailor made Christmas brass band Flash mod performance, which was leaded by trombone players, followed by the other players of horn, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, tuba respectively, until the whole Air brass band was formed up. The music for this brass band flash mod performance was the one of the most popular Christmas music – Jingle Bell.

Next, Air Brass Band continued with the song – Joy to the World to build the fun climax among the crowd. It was amazed as half of the tourist sang the song with the music. For the ending, Air Brass Band performed “Gangnam Style” with dancing. And again the dancing was done by Air Brass Band eight players. They were energetic. Due to the momentum of Air Brass Band music and dancing, it pulled quite a numbers of crowds to dance together. There were one of them was totally immersed in the rhythm of the music, even the music was finished by Air Brass Band, he still keep dancing. It was really fun.

Thank you very much to the organizer for giving us such a great and happy Christmas Brass Band performance. And I would like to extend my thank you to every player of Air Brass Band for enjoying this brass band performance. Thank you very much.

Air Brass Band Christmas PerformanceAir Brass Band Christmas Performance


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