Concert 2014

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An Exclusive Invitation To
The Magical Genie – Dream。Passion。Courage。Believe
Live in HGH Conventional Centre, Sentul Kuala Lumpur 2014
25th October 2014, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Presented by Air Symphony Band


The IDEAS of the Concert starts from One Dream
of touching everyone’s heart that aims to emphasize on
the four virtues:

DREAM – the destiny of oneself
PASSION – the inner power of interest
COURAGE – the gem of challenge
BELIEVE – the faith of oneself

It’s not just a classical music performance,
it’s an existing & entertaining show.
Music for all ages and stages of life.

It would be a memorable moment for those who get to attend.



The Year’s Biggest Must – See Music Event

If you’re here, this is the show that you wouldn’t want to miss.
We would like to introduce you a concert – ‘The Magical Genie’, presented by Air Symphony Wind Orchestra. The Idea of the concert is started out after our 2011 concert where we would like to organize a meaningful concert which will inspire music exploration in youth where it concern about Dream, Passion, Courage and Believe.

Through years of passions and hard works, grown from a small music group to a band, we are glad to bring you our finest music performance all together in this evening show.

Whether you like rock music or prefer classical music, or even doesn’t like music at all – It Doesn’t Matter.

As this performance is finely organized for everyone and it brings music to people’s heart in a fun and entertaining mannerIt makes the concert people friendly.

This is always Our Constant Missionto express our best to create an unforgettable moment for everyone. That’s it.

This concert also give opportunity for families to spend quality time with their children, enrich their lives through exposure to the musical arts, and share the excitement of live music performed by Air Symphony Wind Orchestra.

Preview Part 1 – We Are Back!

Preview Part 2 – What Does Dream Means To You!

Hope you can attend and support us :D. Thank you.

Detail of Concert

Item Description
Location Sentul, Kuala Lumpur
Date 25th October 2014, Saturday
Event Time 7:30PM – 9:30PM
Please note that the above time length is approximate only. Our performers are always committed to present our best and insist that all music is performed. Therefore the schedule may vary. Thank you
Venue HGH Conventional Centre
Lot 475 Jalan Sentul, 5100 Kuala Lumpur
Registration Everyone attending the event MUST register with their Invitation Card/s!
You MUST BRING your Invitation Card/s to the show for registration!
Fill up your particular on the specified space on your Invitation Card before register.
** Missing Invitation Card or Incomplete Sheet of Invitation Card is not entertained.
Please safe guard your Invitation Card from missing or damage, as this is your only admission pass into the show. Registration Start 6:30pm.
How to get your invitation card? Please refer to Seat Reservation Section.

Your Seat(s) Reservation

VIP Seat Arrangement : Theater Comfortable Seats
EXTREME Seat Arrangement : Front (Near-to-Stage) Floor Seats
GENERAL Seat Arrangement : Back Floor Seats
** Your seating arrangement is specified on your Invitation Card/s.
Seat Arrangements Features
VIP Seating Full Visionary and Comfortable Theater Seats
• VIP Admission to The Show
• VIP Seating Allocation
EXTREME Seating Full Involvement (Near-to Stage) Floor Seats
• EXTREME Admission to The Show
• EXTREME Seating Allocation
GENERAL Seating • GENERAL Admission to The Show
• GENERAL Seating Allocation
Book NOW!

Have You Reserved Your Seat?
Please call 03-40229877, 012-3267882 (Martin), 010-5662368 (Sophia) or email us at
BOOKING Your Seat(s) NOW & Get Early Bird Offer!!!
This will be a memorable concert you’ll see in this year, 2014 – perhaps ever!!! DON’T MISS THIS SHOW!!!

Frequency As Question
How do I get my tickets?
You may contact our ticketing-team: 012-3267882 (Martin), 010-5662368 (Sophia) or email us at

What should i wear?
All performances: Smart Casual.
STRICTLY NO shorts, slippers, sport attire at all time.

When should I arrive?
Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the concert start time. This will give you enough time to park, find your seat, look over the printed program, and relax before the music begins.

How do I find my seat?
There are 3 type of seats: VIP, Extreme & General. Each type are open seating or free seating, there is no assigned seat number.

How long will the concert run?
Our concerts vary in length depending on the music being performed. Most concerts last between 90 minutes and two hours, including one intermission.

How long is the intermission?
Our concert intermission generally runs twenty minutes. This may vary for certain kinds of performances. A bell will ring shortly before the end of intermission, so that you have enough time to return to your seat before the performance resumes.

Do I need to know anything about the music before I come?
No. In fact, it can be a wonderful discovery to simply sit down and listen to whatever the symphony band plays.

Electronic Devices
All audiences are requested to silent their mobile phones, pagers, watch alarms and other electronic devices before entering the concert hall. All usage of mobile phones is prohibited, this is to ensure an ideal concert experience both for the performers and other audience members.

Recording Equipment
All forms of recording and photography equipment are strictly prohibited in the concert hall. We seek the co-operation and understanding of all audience members in observing this policy.

Food & Drinks are not allowed in the concert hall.

No Smoking Policy
In keeping with government regulations, all audiences are reminded that smoking is strictly prohibited in the concert hall.


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