Air Symphony 2011 Concert: MUSIC CINEMA
18th December 2011, 3:30pm, Dewan Wawasan Menara PGRM

A Sincere Thank You from Air Symphony Band
We would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to everyone who participated directly or indirectly in this concert – MUSIC CINEMA. Thank you for all the hard work and effort contribute in this concert.

First of all, we would like to thank our tutors & conductors – Mr. Mitsuo Nonami, Mr. Chong Chee Wai & Ms Tay Kai Yee.

Next, we would like said thank you to our Air Symphony 2011 Concert Squad: Air Symphony Players, Chong Hwa High School Band, Hokyu Youth Band from SMK Yu Hua, and Dithyrambic Singers.

Lastly, we would like to express our thanks and gratitude to every one of our parents for supporting us and the most important to our lovely audiences, thank you very much.

With the support from every one of you, our Dream of MUSIC CINEMA Concert was successfully completed at Dewan Wawasan PGRM on 18th December 2011. Thank you very much.

A Crowd that’s Unbelievable
“What show is this?” asked by a passer-by with curious at the registration counter. If you were one of the audiences of our concert, you will know ‘why’. It was really unbelievable that there were such a huge crowd at the entrance. They were all waiting for the concert to start. Some of them were busy filling up their registration card. With this scene, if I was that passer-by, I would have asked the same question, as the climax of the environment was very very happening and ‘hot’. It seemed like there were something amazing to happen inside the hall.

Show Started with Warmly Welcome
The audiences were in such a great mood as they were ready for the show to start. At that moment, all the lights in the hall were switched off except a spotlight shot at our lovely emcee, Mr. Brandon. Mr. Brandon invited all the audiences to countdown together in order to start the show.

All the audiences were very sporting. They stood up and countdown joyfully together with Brandon. The audiences shouted, “Five, Four, Three, Two,” Although we were outside the hall, we could heard them very clearly. When the audiences count to “One”, the lights on the stage were lighted up, the music of 76 Trombones March was played glamorously by Chong Hwa High School Band. “Where was the Air Symphony Band? They were not on the stage!” asked by one of the audiences.

At the moment, we were marching into the hall from the main entrance, passing through the audience group. We high-fived and shake hand with our audiences. What a fun time for every one of us in the hall!

Interesting & Fun Programs before Intermission
The first music of the program was Hawaii Five-0 Theme. It was a powerful music which had energized us and the audiences up while it was played by Air Symphony Band under the baton of our concert conductor, Mr Chong Chee Wai. Mr Chong is a concert band enthusiast. Because of his passion, he has involved in many concert band activities and has been a concert band tutor for a number of schools.

Then followed by Espana Cani. This music descries a scene of bull fighting in Spain. The audiences were having a fun time and a lot of laughs while the bull running around the audiences seats to find his target – Red Cloth. Fortunately, the bull found a group of bull fighters, presented by Chique De Luxe, dancers with red clothes in the front stage. There happened an interesting and funny bull fighting scene.

Next we had a comedy performance with the music of Feuerfest Polka, a music featuring a heavy iron block used in the blacksmithing trade as a surface upon which metal can be struck and shaped. This comedy was performed by our band players: Martin, Lim Chee Pin, Chong Chiew Han & Jeff Lee. The comedy started out by our blacksmith – Martin stripping of his clothes with music of Big Spender. Then the story continued with fighting with conductor – Chong Chiew Han, stealing Jeff Lee’s trumpet as iron for blacksmithing and ending with skinny blacksmith – Lim Chee Pin working together on blacksmithing.

Then we had a cultural dancing music - Irish Party in Third Class. It was a music played in the movie of Titanic, where Jack & Rose danced in the basement of Titanic. The dance was presented by Cheque De Luxe. It was a light music to cheer up all the audience while all of them participated on clapping their hand while Cheque De Luxe was dancing.

An Invitation to our guest choir: Dithyrambic Singers & school bands: Hokyu Youth Band from SMK Yu Hua and Chong Hwa High School Band, we played America Patrol March while all of them marching into the hall. This created a grand scene seemed liked parade.

In order to aware our audiences of current global climate issue – global warming, we had invited Dithyrambic Singers to sing along while we played Michael Jackson’s We Are The World. It is really an inspired music from Michael, as it heated up the whole hall, all the audiences sang together. Michael, we love you forever. Don’t only sing the song for fun. Let’s start working together to prevent our home – the earth from sickness.

Nearer My God to Thee was the next touching music we played for our audiences with the whole squad, Air Symphony, Hokyu Youth Band from SMK Yu Hua, Chong Hwa High School Band and Dithyrambic Singers. Here was where we feel one hearted – One Dream, One Team & One Sound. We always believe music is the best means to calm ones soul. If you were with us that evening, hope this music released most of your daily stresses.

Intermission with Special Performances from Our Guest School Bands
Hokyu Youth Band from SMK Yu Hua, under the baton of Mr. Chong, presented Ireland of Legend and Lore and Operatical.
Chong Hwa High School Band from SMK Chong Hwa, under the baton of Ms. Tay, presented Glory, The Great Locomotive Chase and See You.

Music Cinema – Familiar Movie Soundtracks by Air Symphony
After intermission, we started with the first movie soundtrack, Pirate of the Caribbean – The Dead Man Chest, the year most popular movie. It was liked across generations – from teenagers to adults. This soundtrack consisted music from Jack Sparrow, The Kraken, Davy Jones, I’ve Got My Eye On You and Wheel of Fortune. This music turned our audience’s eyes and harmonized every pair of ears in the hall. ‘Bravo, bravo, bravo.’ was the responses at the end of the music. It was conducted by Mr. Chong Chee Wai.

It was our pleasure that this year we were glad to invite Mr. Mitsuo Nonami as our guest conductor for the following Movie Soundtracks. The first movie soundtrack conducted by Mr. Mitsuo Nonami was Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. This symphonic suite was featuring Star Wars (Main Theme), Duel of the Fates, Anakin’s Theme, Augie’s Great Municipal Band and The End Credits. It was a powerful music with plenty of sound effect of space wars. It brought us and the audiences into space and fought Darth Maul with Jedi Knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. This soundtrack earned a lot of applauds from our audiences.

Superman Suite was played to remind us of human beings who transcend our greatest dreams of wanting to be strong and bring freedom, goodness, and justice to the world – Christopher Reeve, the real world super man who will forever inspire us to strive to attain those qualities. This soundtrack was a musical trademark of drama, power, and massive sound blocks. The medley contains Theme from Superman, The Planet Krypton, The March of the Villians, Can You Read My Mind and Finale.

After all those super heroes’ soundtracks, the audiences were brought back to 80s by the music of James Bond 007. The medley included Goldfinger, For Your Eyes Only, All Time High & Octopussy. It had caught the hearts and ears of our elder-generations audiences. The video clip of the James Bond’s action movie from 1980s to 1990s really retrieved some of their memories of the youth time they spent with their close ones watching James Bond movie in the cinema.

Then we preceded with the soundtracks of the doomed love story of shipmates Jack and Rose, which has come out on top of a list of the most romantic movies ever made – Titanic Medley. It gave everyone in the hall the feeling of love, romance, glamorous ship departure, escape for survive and the sinking of Titanic. All these feelings came from the medley of An Ocean of Memories, Hymn To the Sea, Hard to Starboard, The Sinking & My Heart Will Go On.

Finally, it came to the last piece of the movie music. In order to interact with our audiences, we ended Music Cinema’ soundtrack with Ultraman: Japanese Graffiti VIII. Everyone in the hall enjoyed the show very much especially the children, until our guest conductor, Mr. Mitsuo Nonami danced with the music. It was pleasurable.

Finale: Encho, encho, encho…
The audiences were in such a great mood the whole evening show! It was truly a fun time, not one to miss. This had to keep on! And ‘Encho’ was the only word shouted by the audiences to keep the show ‘On’. The demand of the audiences were heart touching. It seemed tearing down the hall. With such passion, we jammed with the audiences by playing First Love – Addictive. There were solo from Alto Saxophone – Jack Lai, Trumpet – Yeow Boon Sim & Trombone – Pavin. And the show was ended happily.

Thank you very much for spending the time with us, thank you.


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