Our 2011 Squad

Our 2011 Squad

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all of our Air Symphony Players and Participators for your time and supports in all the activities of Air Symphony. Without your participation, there would not be so much funs and laughs. We appreciate all your efforts being along with us. Thank you very much.

It is our pleasure to invite Mr. Mitsuo Nonami as our guest conductor. He is a renowned band clinician and composer from Japan was born in Okinawa.
He has been the most sought after adjudicator in Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. He has contributed much to the development of school bands in Singapore and Malaysia. He coaches top bands in Malaysia and Singapore.
Nonami believes everyone is capable of playing music, as it is a “message of our emotions”. “Everybody has feelings, even little children, and music is a way of bringing those feelings out,” he says.
“There are so many countries in the world today that cannot enjoy music because of war, poverty and hunger. So, I truly appreciate this wonderful opportunity to create music with you in this beautiful peaceful country of Malaysia.” – Mr. Mitsuo Nonami

Mr. Chong Chee Wai is our Principal Conductor. He is an enthusiast of symphonic band music. His passion on creating United Band Sound & Harmonized Music has revolutionized bands that are under his baton. With his leading, our completion of mission is a heartbeat away. Thank you very much for all his guidance to us.

Our lovely players.

Shigeki Sasaki & Chan Hoe Yin (Guest Player)

Chew Sze Gee
Kwo Siew Teng
Teh Pui Jin
Hang Wei Fong
Lim Soo Peng
Andrew Chia Hoo Kit (Guess Player)

Cheng Yun Leong
Maggie Chai
Teh Hui Ann
Coco Kwo Sook Hong
Lim Sze Fey
Sean Tan
Lim Pang Yang
Wong Tian Kun (Guess Player)

Bass Clarinet:-
Ho Mei Yoke (Guess Player)

Alto Saxophone:-
Lai Seng Jack
Chong Chui Ling
Lim Guey Rong
Lai Seng Koon
Chew Zi Shan
Richard Goh, Tan Hui Ting (Guess Player)

Tenor Saxophone:-
Gouk Yan Tong

Bariton Saxophone:-
Koh Chee Teck

Lee Long Wai
Tee Ooi Cheng
Ang Li Ping
Low Chee Weng
Ashley Loke
Lee Jun Hao
Yeow Boon Sim (Guest Player)

French Horn:-
Chong Chiew Han
Lim Wei Tian
Heng Wai Mun
Lim Jun Hong

Pavin A/L Rajathran
Yim Hock Mun
Eng Pit Ling
Chia Pei Jing
Lim Kim Yong @ Andrew
Chris Wong Ken Lun (Guest Player)

Yap Siong Wei
Lim Chee Pin
Tan Boon Hooi
Hoong Miane Sng

Lee Wen Zhe
Yim Hock Hiem
Chong Jun Jac
Tan Dao Hong
Yew Lee Xiong
Mo Kai Xiang
Leong Kai Yang
Siu Yin (Guest Player)

Chong Hwa High School Band, or also known as CHHSB was founded in 15th December 1983, under the effort of the band’s Resident Conductor, Mr. Tan Eng.

About Us:
Currently, the Chong Hwa High School Band, consist of 89 active members. The band compromises of 3 sections, which is brass, woodwind, percussion and colour guard.

Participate in 2008 National Day
3rd prize in KL State Marching Competition
A Musical Night Concert

1st runner-up in KL State Marching Competition
Astro Shooting in MYFM至尊流行榜

Kempen Jalur Gemilang
Event (Fashion Show) in Pavillion
Jonah Jones Rugby International Performance
Concert with SJK © Kuen Cheng (1)
PWTC Food Fair

Performance at International Charity Bazaar
1st Runner Up in National Competition( Selangor-KL)
Mid-Autumn Parade Performance at Seksyen 2 Wangsa Maju

Hokyu Youth Band is the official name of the wind band of SMJK Yu Hua Kajang. The Band started out as a community band in the early 70s as a project initiated by the Hulu Langat Hokkien Association and was officially commemorated in July 1980. The Hulu Langat Hokkien Association has continued to provide moral and financial backing to the Band since that time and is still unrelenting in supporting the Band in its endeavours to succeed as a musical organization. All members of the Band are students of SMJK Yu Hua, Kajang, a premier Chinese secondary partially-aid school.

The Band is a uniform body in the Co-curriculum unit of SMJK Yu Hua, Kajang and is under the baton of Mr.Chris Chong Chee Wai. He has been dedicating his time to coach the Band since 2005 and is still going strong. He is a renowned band instructor in the brass and wind music scene in Malaysia and through his passion and dreams, many students get the chance to make music a part of their lives.

The Band has been actively participating in various performances and has some proud moments and achievements. In 2001 and 2002, the Band participated in the National Day Parade as a marching band and in Pesta Senirama as a full indoor band in 2003, which won the Band a Silver Award. In 2006, the Band competed in The Festival of Winds together with other musicians from Malaysia and Singapore for which it won a Silver Award too. In 2007, the Band participated in a friendship competition organized by the 3rd Kajang Boy’s Brigade and won First Prize. Although with so much exposure and experiences, the proudest moment has to be the moment when the Band staged its first ever concert titled ‘Awakening: A Musical Performance’ in the school in 2007, which is always considered the breakthrough point and the start of a new journey. In 2009, its second concert ‘Awakening 2: Soaring High’ was successful too.

The Band is gearing up for more performances and competitions in the near future. Although the road ahead is full of obstacles, the Band is determined to hold everything together and hopes that all members will work together to keep up the good work.

Our Purpose:
1. To promote instrumental orchestrated music as an enjoyable form of art.
2. To instill disciplines in members of the Band as a way to mould a complete individual.
3. To promote unity among members and positive values.
4. To let music be taken as a way of life and most importantly, let members enjoy!

We are Chique De Luxe! We are a newly formed street dance crew since March 2011 that consists of 5 girls. We took part in a college talent competition which was HELP’s College Talent Search 2011 6 months ago and we’ve been together ever since then. We are currently joining the ASTRO BATTLEGROUND 2011 and so far we’ve made it into the top 4 FINALS. Our styles of dance include: Waacking, Hiphop, Reggae, Traditional and many more.

Top 12 8TV SHOWDOWN 2011 (5th Place)
Top 10 STREET CHALLENGER 2011 (1st Place)
Top 20 DIGI LIVE (1st Place)
HELP Talent Night 2011 (2nd place)
Dance It! (Crowd’s Favourite)

Founded in 2005, the Dithyrambic Singers from Kuala Lumpur under the direction of Ian Lim Kean Seng has grown to be one of the leading choral ensembles in Malaysia. Displaying an array of vocal qualities, the choir’s artistic excellence is recognized internationally through their participation in numerous competitions and performances and hope to increase the awareness and appreciation of choral music through performance, outreach and education.

The Dithyrambic Singers have claimed many international titles in various choir competitions and have been invited to perform in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, China and Brunei. In April 2010, the Dithyrambic Singers was invited to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall by Distinguished Concerts International in New York City (DCINY) to participate in the New York Premiere of the Concert Version of Eric Whitacre’s The City and The Sea.

In addition to numerous local annual concerts, the choir has collaborated with the National Symphony Orchestra and performed the Beethoven Ninth Symphony. They were invited by the Malaysian government to perform for a charity night and recently performed in a joint concert with Felix Hall, an organist from USA in the Petronas Philharmonic Hall, Kuala Lumpur. Other than classical numbers, the Dithyrambic Singers also present Christmas concerts around the Klang Valley annually.