Mission Statement

Mission Statement

We Are Air Symphony
Hi, welcome to Air Symphony Wind Orchestra. Welcome to our world. A world of possibilities, a world of learning, a world of enjoyment. A touching world to everyone. Together with us, you will feel our passion in all dimensions. We are a learning ground. We are a community builder… a society that inspires to touch souls and change life. We are resolute to keep touching souls and changing life for decades to come. We won’t stop. Our Mission is to express music in a dimension that shapes life – Music inspires ones life.

Spiritual Awakening Behind the Scene
In year 2008, we started as a small brass ensemble – Air Brass. However, it is always some missing puzzles in our mind, as brass section always missed wood and drums sections. Hence establishing Air Symphony Band was our second milestone. In this process, we can feel THE FEAR in us. Fear of failing. Fear of incapability. Fear of bad quality of music. Fear of not enough of time. Yes, most of the time Fear is within us.

This second milestone has taught us a huge lesson – Not all fears are bad. Fear is often born from inspiration. When we get excited about something that sparks an idea, our fear is born upon uncertainty. And it almost likes a reflex. If fear is born from inspiration, then it’s good fear. So “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. We acknowledged that fear should not be an obstacle. Do not let fear paralyze us; instead, use it as fuel. Hence no matter how bad the situation is, we MUST go forwards and COMPLETE the task. Don’t give up! As facing the challenges will awaken the REAL Winner in you which is the spirit of Warrior.

Over last few years our members have increased to more than 30 members and growing, leading to the establishment of a full concert wind orchestra, namely the Air Symphony Wind Orchestra. Several of our current members have been with the band since it started. Our age range is roughly 16 to 35-something.

We believe Air Symphony Band thrives on leaps of faith. These leaps are the fires that ignite us and keep us changing and going through all the challenges. With change comes growth.

From the first day until today, we always hold this Mission: To create a new world of music, a touching world to everyone that is awakening, enlightening, learning and inspiring to ones life. We recognize that finding true happiness means expanding beyond a mission of elevating music knowledge to a mission of complete fulfilment in health and wellness, spiritual awakening, philanthropy, relationship building and purpose. In essence, a Enhance Life. And this is our mission and the transformation of the traditional band. As everybody knows if we are not growing, then we are dying. We are passionate and pleased to see this transformation soon and looking forwards to hearing stories of strength, optimism, power, spirit and winning from community who goes through this transformation together with us.