Mission Overview

Mission Overview

To create a new world of music, a touching world to everyone that is awakening, enlightening, learning and inspiring to ones life.

The New World of Music
Air Symphony mission is one of the education, innovation and inspiration. Education or knowledge indeed is power. But when education or knowledge comes without innovation, it will be like a gun without a trigger. The bullet – power, will never reach to a target. So Air Symphony is committed to improve the awareness of innovative opportunities for improving or expressing music in a new dimension that inspires lives, The New World of Music.

Unleashing of Human Spirit
Air Symphony believes in the potential of the human spirit – and is dedicated to unleashing it. Reflecting back to the former years of school band life in 1997, seeing everyone carrying an old, China-made-instruments was a blessing as it cultivated and unleashed a spirit in the mind of all the members. Here is how the spirit works within us whenever there were competitions or performances, “When we go on stage with our old instruments, people laugh. But when we play the music, …” our spirit drives us to the end. In some of the game, we won. Sometime we lost. But it is not the winning or losing that matter. It is the unleashing of spirit that brings our personal growth.

We have no blames of bad instruments. No blaming of bad music selections. No blaming of unsuitable environment. There are only rooms for learning and improvements. If the instruments are not good subjectively, we work on become better players objectively.

Message of courage. The mission of Air Symphony is one of courage – courage to change, innovate and challenge the limited resources or environmental circumstances with our unlimited capacity of human spirit. In the process, there are many opportunities to learn. Learning about ourselves. Improve ourselves. Applying new skills. Remember “If nothing changes within you then nothing changes in what you are manifesting.” If you want things to change in your life for the better, you need to change your mindset in order to make it happen.

Life changing rewards. If this seems uncomfortable… well… it is. Change doesn’t happen by staying in your comfort zone. Change only happens by stepping out of your comfort zone. To make change and strike out in new directions requires doing something you haven’t done before. Change is not easy. But the rewards are life changing. And it is always Air Symphony wish to bring this value to everyone.

The Spirit of Air Symphony – Caring and Giving
It is more blessed to give than to receive. Generosity is the key to Air Symphony philosophy. We believe the values of caring and giving are what that ignites us to keep going on. It gives us the reasons to be around. It gives us the drive to walk the extra miles. There is a quote, “What you do today will become the result of tomorrow.”

We would say thank you to our school band society teacher, Ms Lee Ooi Peng. Because of she, we have born with another priceless value – giving. It is very touching and happy when you lend a hand to the needed people and they smile at you. It is really life enhancing. Do you feel the same?… Let’s together express our caring and start giving.