Message from Founder

Message from Martin Yim Hock Mun

When I first established the Air brass Ensemble in 2008, I instinctively knew we were embarking on an exciting and meaningful journey. Although for most people playing music is just a leisure activity, dedication and passion are undoubtedly reigning in the process. It seems to me that the practice room is no longer just a music practice room, but a place to express passion and realize dreams.

These are attributes I have personally witnessed from Air Brass Ensemble and Air Symphony Band, ever since everyone in the team began the challenging journey back in 2008 to express their passion and promote symphonic band music.

To see over the years Air Symphony Band members putting aside their differences to come together in a group to work on something they love to do is truly amazing. This very act triggers: improvement of the skills and experience in the art of music performance; awareness of core function of symphonic band activities – character development; members find their interests and passion; encouragement of self-expression, good discipline & attitude; practice of teamwork and unity; the community grows and a healthy community is groomed. This is what helps make a better country and Air Symphony Band is glad to be one of the catalysts.

An event of this magnitude demands hard work and more importantly, the commitment and cooperation of the people who make it possible – the entire Air Symphony Band members. What Air Symphony Band demonstrates above all else is a collective passion to realize dreams. My sincere admiration, respect and gratitude go to every one of you.

Air Symphony Band members, thank you very much for yours support and participation. Without you being a part of us, our dream may not come true. Thank you.