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Hello! Welcome to Air Symphony Band. We are glad that you click into our introduction page to get know about us.

Generally, we are just a simple Symphony Band. However, we have the passion that you may not see before. Music has become one of the needs in our life, and it touches every soul of our team member. Whenever the topic of music and performances are discussed, you will see our members eyes are glittering and shining like stars. With no doubt, music is our prior passion.

With this passion, we hope it would not cease due to environmental factors but extend to a new dimension and level. It is always our wish that through music we can touch ones soul and change one’s life. We understand that it’s not that easy, but we are willing to walk extra miles. Where “There is a will, there is a way.” Deep down in Air Symphony code, we hold this passion. “Music inspires one’s life”.

A brief history on the establishment of Air Symphony
The idea of Air Symphony Band started in one of our dinner meeting with 8 good friends. All of us were from the same high school band and we enjoyed the band life so much.

Every time we met up, we always shared the priceless memories of our school band life and the value that we had learned. Wherever we talked about the performances and competitions that we had participated, we felt like taking out our music instruments to start a jam session. Our finger started to move and our body started to shake with the music rhythms in our mind.

That day, one of our friend suddenly “Bang!” the table and shouted “Wake up! Stop dreaming in our school band life!” That moment, we were shock and stun for a few seconds. However, we were glad that he shouted out with the word ‘DREAM’ loudly. It seems like we had been day dream in our school band life for so many years.

We understand “Dream will always be a dream if we only dream of it, unless we work out something.” Since we have the same dream – enjoy playing music in band, we decided to put it into action. Our action is to establish a band.

At the beginning, we faced a lot of challenges – we don’t have music instruments, music stands, music scores and even a place to practise. However, all these challenges never stop us moving forward. Finally we manage to solve all the above resources issues. And we would like to take this opportunity to say ‘Thank You’ to our admired music teacher Mr Tan Eng who provided us a place for practice.

We had our first day practice together on 26 July 2008. It was started as a small brass ensemble, named Air Brass. It was formed by 8 members. In the first day of practise, we were so happy, excited, fun with a lot of laughs…. All we know deep in our heart is the life of Air Symphony Band will going to born soon…